Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deodorant Commercials

Ok, here is another thing that annoys me. What's with all these deodorant commercials showing guys wearing their deodorant, and then a bunch of girls appearing out of who know's where and jumping on them? It's very misleading! I've got news to all you guys out there who feel like trying this, IT WON'T WORK. Put on as much of the crap as you want, you walk outside and there won't be a single girl who jumps on you. You know why? Because nobody can smell deodorant! And I have proof that no one can smell it. Have you ever walked down the street and smelled an extremely provocative male? No you have not! Deodorant is made to cover up scent, not make a stronger scent. And axe commercials are the worst. Hell, axe even had the balls to make a commercial about a man who had women come into his bathroom simply to bathe him with axe shower soap!

Oh, axe commercials will someday cause an uproar of stinking, overweight males who are trying to force beautiful girls upon their smelly mass because they sprayed a little bit of axe on their pits. Its just not right to swell egos that really should'nt be swelled. And these commercials are only getting worse. Any day now, old spice will come out with a commercial that claims to cause six packs to suddenly appear on mens' abdomens.

Another problem with these commercials is that nobody ever says a single word in them! How am I supposed to figure out what you're selling if you don't make a noise except for a moan?! But no, instead we are left sitting on a couch, wondering what the hell that man is doing in the shower with those sexy chicks, until we realized it's another damn deodorant commercial!

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